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California Kitchen



The California Kitchen, it’s timeless yet fresh with neutral color palettes, simple and unfussy details. The Designer selected color scheme is simple, advanced, and will not cause aesthetic fatigue. As into modern classic American house feature, commonly used white and gray style to create a quiet space, naturally high-end and fashionable The vision for the entire kitchen area, the color of the kitchen should be kept as simple gray accents. The grey cabinets with the golden knots accent make it royal but overall still light and bright with the white walls, countertops, and flooring. The dark grey cabinets present a classic temperament with line boards, and the window panes are designed with a rustic tone. Keeps your dining accessories as similar tones as the kitchen will create a luxurious modern cooking space for your passion for the cook.


Material : Matte Grey Sprayed Paint MDF Counter Top : Quartz Stone (Marble Texture – 116-8056-20)