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The Sinnesro Kitchen, it’s all about peace of mind. The fast-paced urban life nowadays makes us increasingly the subtractions for our daily life. When we return home from work or somewhere else at the end of the day, we prefer to stay in a simple environment and give our body and mind a relaxing space. This is also the reason why modern simplicity is more and more popular these days. Modern minimalism respects the pursuit of practical functions, and strives for simplicity in design elements, colors, and layouts, but requires all elements to be of extremely high quality. The designer of the Sinnesro Kitchen was designed into Simple, clean, and calm for the mind with the base color of pure glossy white. The clean combination of matte gray with a light yellow wooden wall will be remitted to your stressful mind for sure. As a practical minimalist kitchen, there are no complicated accessories instead of just a coffee machine, totally pursuit for the young executives. A stress-free dry kitchen for your refreshment and calm called the Sinnesro.


Material : Matted Gray LCT 3032, Glossy White LCT 3004, Light Yellow Wooden Texture Laminate Accessories : Trim LED Ray Counter Top: Black Quartz Stone (Marble Texture – 116-ZXS7004-20)