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Peoples nowadays are entangled in the kitchen whether to decorate it or not. Compare with the old days, now are more stylish, functioned and use as an entertaining area than a kitchen. The designer created an open kitchen that’s simple, generous, and functional just in a small corner. It’s totally a wide space visually and connected the clean cabinets with dark accessories or spaces. For being lack of partitions, the brighter, larger, more transparent, sunnier and no longer looks as a small dark nor corner. Using the neutral tone accessories uniformly and coordinated colors to remove all visual interference. The overall space is paved with marble back walls of the same color and matched with dark dining tables. The contrast of colors increases the sense of space and meets the aesthetic needs of people of different ages. The kitchen is integrated with the connected dining, the built-in cooking island surrounded by large storage space. This can avoid the trouble of oily smoke also solves the storage problem that the elders are concerned about.


Material : Matte Grey Sprayed Paint MDF Counter Top : Quartz Stone (Marble Texture – 116-8056-20)