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Rein is the meaning of German purity, the result of simple and pure 2 colors concept design, its simple shape conceals high tech design, lets people enjoy in a clean and pure environment . The main color of the Rein, White, and Yellow Contemporary tone by adding black handle lines to make more distant of the Kitchen that matches to the German Purity Law. The Yellow veins of teak laminate invite nature into your room creating an elegant and warm atmosphere with clear white gloss doors. Long black handles are attractive and highlighting the stroke that allowing for a dynamic contemporary. Embedded with a warm light strip and the Black frosted glass door boosts its appeal by dimly showcasing favorite pieces, setting a delightful tone. The designer added the clear frosted glass shelves with embedded glass light into the Yellow parts, that’s to inference as the feeling of the Glass of the German Purity. As Contemporary, the main concept of the Kitchen epitome of the sleek and minimalist layout, characterized by fresh white glossy doors with the black Quartz carpentry Counter Top.


Low Cabinet Body-BB188 Door-#3004 Upper Cabinet Body-V101 Door-#3004 & Alu Frame with Black Glass Open Cabinet: Body-Ply Laminate with glass shelf Marble Quartz Top(116-8061-20) Accessories : Wine Cup Rack, Tandem Pantry, Glass Shelf LED, Alu Drawer, Handle