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Delish Kitchen

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The Delish Kitchen, special for the tasteful people. The Designer created the whole space to make people feel a romantic atmosphere by the combination of pure white and walnut grain. Added an extended Bar Counter as a Home Bar that you will be free to enjoy life immediately at home after having long working hours. You can enjoy the joy of dating at home without going out. The pure white color is neutral, calm, and relaxing. Mixed by the warmth of the crisp and coolness white Marble Counter Top are very welcoming to relax. As main clean white tone will play well with the modern sliver handles and skirting while keeping the room grounded and calming. As a storage idea, the designer added the whole island façade with aluminum silver straight handles with pure calm white and that minimizes the spice the wall racks utilizing. Walnut veins storages are the must to keep and highlighted the whole kitchen.


Material: Matted Beige LCT 3031, Walnut Texture MFC 435, Black glass Aluminum Frame Door, Brown Mirror Accessories: Trim LED Ray, Gold Walnut Handle (201-101-45) Counter Top: Quartz Stone (Marble Texture – 116-8056-20)